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Photo of Paul Bronus Mask

Photograph of Paul Bronus
Mask (1885-1964)

100 Years as a Family Farm

Joseph Maszk (1849-1927), immigrated to Canada from Poland in the 1870s. Joseph and Elizabeth Bembanek (wife) had several children of which one was Paul Bronus Mask, 1885-1964 (inset). Paul married Maryann Biernacki (1890-1979) and had 9 children (Evelyn, Florence, Theresa, Raymond Sr., Leona (Dolly), Clementine, Elmer, Sylvia and Donald).

On November 24, 1917 Paul purchased Welchman's Island[1] (now known as Mask Island) in Barry's Bay, Ontario. He farmed the land with his children for 47 years. His son Raymond Sylvester Mask Sr. with wife - Marilyn Eleanor Bonney inherited the farm and operated it for 34 years. Raymond had 9 children - Susan, Bonnie, Patsy, Jimmy, Rachel, Peter, Raymond Jr., Paul and Michael.

Raymond Jr. "Teacup", took over the farm when his father (Raymond Sr.) passed away in 1998. Raymond Jr. continues to operate the farm this very day with his two sons (Scott and Derek) and extended family.

Read more about the history of Mask Island in this great article written by Teresa Mask Beanish (Madawaska Valley Library Website, 2017).


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