Mask Island Farm


A portrait photograph of Paul B. and Maryann

Paul B. and Maryann

Unknown ladies


Teresa Beanish (born Mask)

Teresa Beanish (born Mask)



The causeway to the island under construction.

Paul B. on a tractor

Paul and Mary-Ann Mask with their 9 children

The Paul Mask family. Names from left to right - Sylvia, Clementine, Leona, Teresa, Florence, Evelyn, Maryann, Paul, Donald, Elmer and Raymond Senior.

Paul Mask in a horse-pulled dairy carriage.

Paul B. Mask

A photocopy of newspaper clipping with hand-writtern date. The hand-written portion appears to be February 24, 1938 or 1939 and a word that is iligible. Newspaper clipping portion reads, Announcement, Island Dairy, Barry's Bay. I wish to announce to the people of Barry's Bay and vicinity the opening of my new pasteurized plant, fully equipped with the latest mechanism to insure a perfect product. I solicit your patronage and promise in return a dairy service which will meet with your satisfaction. Signed P. B. Mask, Proprietor, Barry's Bay, Ontario. Advertisement from 50 years ago.

Paul B. Mask's Announcement of the new pasteurized dairy plant in the local newspaper.

Teresa and Raymond Senior on First Communion

Teresa and Raymond Senior on First Communion

Florence, Maryann and Paul

Florence, Maryann and Paul

Teresa and Raymond Senior in front of the Island Dairy milk truck in 1939.

Teresa and Raymond Senior, 1939

An aerial view of the farm on Mask Island from a south to north direction.

An aerial view of the farm